Choose from Our Range of Training Services

The courses are Ideal for companies who want to instill a Customer Service Work Culture

Developing Customer Focus

(One Day Workshop)

Leading Customer Service Excellence

(Two Day Workshop)

Leveraging Customer Excellence Business Strategy

(Two Day Workshop)

Outsource Training of Hospitality Sector

(One Day Workshop)

Mystery Shopping

(Service Sector: Hotels, Airlines, Travel, Hospitals, Retail)

CCBOSS - Customer Centric Business Operating Success System

(Signature Programme)


Pricing depends on Multiple Factors :

1.Time frame to design and deliver a Programme

2.Duration of Engagement

3.Level of Engagement Executive or Leadership

4.In Delhi / NCR or Outstation

5.Size of the Participants

6.Requirement for Certification

Option of Duration

1.Half Day Engagement , is for three to four hours inclusive of the breaks

2.Full Day Engagement , is for seven to seven and a Half hours inclusive of the breaks

3.Two Day Certification Workshop

4.Three Months Customer Service Culture Plan

5.Six Months Customer Service Culture Plan

6.One Year Customer Service Culture Plan

7.Three Months : Training All work force on developing Customer focus

Benefits of Our Customer Excellence Programe:

  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Satisfied Customers leading to Loyalty
  • Loyal Customers - Become Advocates
  • Higher Customer Retention
  • Higher Revenue and Profits
  • Reduced Cost of Operations
  • Reduce Complaints

Why Focus on Customer Service Excellence

  • There is a difference in Being Customer Focused and being Customer Centric.
  • Customers worldwide are demanding better Service Standards.
  • Worldwide Organizations are realizing the Power of the Customer and making changes

Customer Centric Approach leads to :

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Better Customer Loyalty
  • Increase in profits
  • Brand Credibility